That begs the question – what is a health team? To me, a health team is a support system to guide you toward your optimal level of wellbeing. I’m not talking about doing the bare minimum or aiming for average – I’m talking about a team devoted to reaching the highest levels of performance and health.

Regardless of your level of education around health and wellbeing, one cannot possibly know it all or keep track of the unlimited amount of advice and information out there. My suggestion is that we need to take a “team” approach that leverages specific expertise and accountability.

Experts –

For me, dependent on time and resources, I would ideally seek out the best advice and council possible with respect to my health and training. Aside from doctors and specialists that would monitor, assess and prescribe treatment – nutritionists, trainers, and various coaches and health practitioners are out there and willing to help. These are the proactive relationships that will guide you and teach you – specific to your personal goals and obstacles.

Accountability –

Aside from the professional relationships we create, the next level of the team is made up of friends, family, and co-workers. No doubt, you are not the only one motivated to get healthy, so why not use your network to provide the encouragement and accountability factor. Have you ever joined a team that requires your attendance for the game to be played? This is the kind of team that we all need to be apart of.

So, how do we put a health team into action. Start by making a list of the professionals/experts you would like to have around you and think about how the time invested here would support your goals. Prioritize as needed based on time and money… but don’t forget that your mental and physical health is really everything. Without it… well you know.

Second, make a list of the people around you that would possibly consider joining your team. Perhaps your spouse (duh) or life-partner, a best friend, a co-worker? What matters is that your team members are all motivated, supportive, and interested in helping each other.

Your goals for health improvement now go “public” to your health team. Think long and hard on what those SMART goals are, but what matters is that all team members are engaged and accountable to “showing up”. It’s not really the outcomes or results that matter, as much as it is committing to the actions and habits you want to instill. Meet in person or online… but make attendance mandatory and punishable by a consequence.

I’ll leave this topic for now and see what kind of conversation this stirs up.

Is anyone interested in being on my health team? I’m taking applications starting today.


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