Over the past few months we have had the privilege of getting to know some of the healthiest business leaders in the city of Toronto. Our Wellness Champions Awards has been a huge lesson into how we should define “healthy” and how we can evolve our lifestyle over time to include the right habits and rituals.I used to think I was a pretty healthy guy. I guess I am doing pretty well, but this has certainly taught me that there is always another level to push for and it all starts with some smart and in many cases small changes.

We all move through a continuum of health “learning” through our life. Our motivations shift away from vanity and move to factors of energy management and sustaining a quality of life. For me, I have a new found respect for the emotional and mental side of health. Exercise and good nutrition have grown out of an interest in sports and training but I neglected to realize how important social interaction, friends, family and community can be. Meditation has been a big discovery for me.

So, just because I exercise most days and eat my fair share of kale does not mean I have reached the level of a Wellness Champion. It is just the price of admission really. Based on what I see around me, I can’t help but want what they have – and to ultimately do what they do.

My point here is that with the evolution of my journey through learning about being healthy – I feel I am moving towards a whole new gear of energy, productivity, focus, and happiness. Surround yourself with healthy people and guess what… it starts to rub off. And I could not be more surrounded right now – given the specimens of health that are participating in the Wellness Champions Awards.

If you have not booked your ticket for the Symposium and Awards Luncheon – please do so ASAP. You will not want to miss the opportunity to hang out with Toronto’s healthiest business leaders and learn the secrets behind what makes a Wellness Champion. It’s going to be a great event.

I hope you can join me on April 17th at the Royal York Hotel.

Be Well,