The purpose of this Service Agreement is to confirm the scope and specific terms of the agreement between ThorpeBenefits Inc. (“Thorpe Benefits” or “we” or “our”) and:

 (“Client” or “you” or “your”)

Through this Service Agreement we hope to better outline and confirm your expectations and needs relating to our services now and in the future. We stand by our commitment to provide proactive group insurance support and services to you.

Under this Service Agreement, you are retaining Thorpe Benefits to identify and recommend to your various group insurance providers. More importantly, in an on-going effort to provide you with up to date information regarding your group insurance, Thorpe Benefits will report and communicate with you regularly regarding new group insurance solutions and options.

In accordance with our ongoing commitment to you to provide quality service, we will provide the following services (“Services”) to you under this Service Agreement:

  • We will identify potential group insurance providers and group insurance coverage for you based upon the needs you make known to us.
  • A written “Annual Review” document will be prepared assessing your current benefits and providing suggestions for possible plan changes with an analysis of pricing and cost.
  • An annual face-to-face meeting will be arranged in which we will discuss the latest “Annual Review” document we have prepared. Through this meeting, we will: establish goals, objectives, and action plans with you; communicate to you any pending changes to your group insurance coverage we are aware of; and provide a review of relevant industry news.
  • A Mid-Year meeting will be arranged to review trends, year to date projections, and to determine any issues of to you.
  • A summary of all of our meetings will be provided to confirm our discussions.
  • We will co-ordinate and implement changes to your group insurance coverage on your behalf.
  • We will forward quarterly experience reports by email to monitor claims.
  • We will make quarterly phone calls to discuss claims and any issues at hand.
  • We will conduct administration training sessions for Plan Administrators.
  • We will perform an employee data audit to verify accuracy and proper billing.
  • We will assist in obtaining comparative quotations for your group insurance plan (as required).
  • We will provide ongoing support with a benefits communication strategy that provides for one or all of the following: Plan Education Sessions or Onsite Hours, Plan Status Reports (Memo), Personalized Total Rewards Statements, and Benefit Plan Satisfaction Surveys.
  • We will provide unlimited email and phone assistance to support your group insurance needs – from our experienced and qualified service team.
  • We will offer advice and council related to the design, launch, and management of health promotion (wellness) programs – ideally designed specifically to the needs and goals of the organization and employees.


In negotiating group coverage for you, we represent you the Client. We have access to the all the major insurance carriers and Third-Party Administrators.

Should you ever feel that a market survey of group insurance rates is appropriate regardless of any comments we may make regarding the disadvantages of doing so – please let us know.

In group insurance, our compensation is arranged directly between the insurance company and Thorpe Benefits and is included as an element of your group insurance rates.

In some cases, we are paid by the insurance company as a percentage of paid claims. This would occur most often with a self funded or ASO health and dental account.

We may also receive additional compensation from insurance companies, such as bonuses, persistency, or non-monetary benefits, such as free or subsidized conferences. This compensation may depend on various factors such as the volume or persistency of business with any or all of the insurance carriers that we place business with during a given time period.

It is our duty to disclose to you any conflict of interest which we become aware of with respect to our representation of you. We assure you that no conflict of interest exists with respect to our representation of you, and that any recommendation we may make to you regarding the purchase of group insurance is based on our analysis and assessment of your group insurance needs.

Should you require additional information about the nature of our business relationship with any particular group insurance provider, we would be pleased to provide such information to you.



  • Provide full, accurate, and timely disclosure to us of all relevant information and documentation pertaining to your group insurance needs and coverage.
  • Promptly advise us on all material changes to your financial position, goals, objectives, and other relevant information as they can impact your group insurance benefits.
  • Comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations related to all personal information you disclose to Thorpe Benefits pursuant to this Service Agreement.


If you fail to do so, we may be unable to provide some or all of the Services to you.

Please be assured that all information that you provide to Thorpe Benefits will be kept strictly confidential within Thorpe Benefits and your chosen insurance carrier and will only be disclosed to other professionals with your permission.

Written reports provided to you by Thorpe Benefits are prepared solely for your internal use for the purpose of determining and reviewing your group insurance coverage. You are required to obtain our prior written authorization before releasing or disclosing any such report to a third party.

This Service Agreement may not be assigned by either party without the prior written consent of the other party, nor amended in any manner except by a written document signed by both of the parties which states that such document is an amendment to this Service Agreement. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario.

Our professional relationship and this Service Agreement will continue on an on-going basis until one party to this Service Agreement provides written notification to the other party terminating (“Notice of Termination”) this Service Agreement, in which case, this Service Agreement shall terminate following the other party’s receipt of such Notice of Termination.

We ask that you measure the success of our relationship on how well we meet the terms of this Service Agreement. If there is any additional service you wish us to provide that does not fall within the Services described above, please inform us and we will add such service to this Service Agreement by way of a mutually acceptable amendment to this Service Agreement

This Service Agreement represents the entire agreement between Thorpe Benefits and our Client the subject matter hereof.

We look forward to our continued relationship of providing effective employee benefits support and advice for many years to come.

The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Client has read, understood and accepts all of the terms contained in this Service Agreement.