“I need proactive service where ideas are brought to me before I ask for them, which is why I rely on Thorpe Benefits.”

Lori Sone-Cooper – VP HR, HomeEquity Bank


“Thorpe Benefits uses a team approach that involves consultants, client managers, wellness liaisons and back-up/quality control. I can’t imagine a better model to handle our benefits programs.”

Mary Lavis – COO, Hughes Amys LLP


“We realized that we were spending all of our healthcare dollars on premiums and claims, with nothing directly helping employees take better care of themselves. Thorpe’s integrated model of benefits and wellness in one – made total sense to us.”

Ed Van Beilen – President, Aquent DEV 6


“Thorpe Benefits did a deep assessment of our benefits program that revealed lots of ideas and missed opportunities, especially in the area of health promotion.”

Pam Murray, Director of HR, Trillium Mutual Insurance


“An old school relationship with a traditional broker was no longer cutting it.  I’m glad our company supported moving to Thorpe Benefits who deliver real business value with transparent fees.”

Carmelina Raimondo, HR Manager, Ultimate Software


“Auto-pilot benefit plans do not recognize trends or options. That’s why we value the “hands on the wheel” attention that Thorpe Benefits brings to our relationship.”

Alisha Patel, VP Finance/Admin, TWG (The Working Group)


“All the wellness program segments have been great! I’ve enjoyed them all. The biggest thing for me has been social; everyone getting away from their desks and doing things together. If we can all get healthier doing it…WOW!”

Employee, John Brooks


“Our wellness liaison Nicole was fantastic. She provided us with all the support that we needed, kept us on track, followed up with us on a regular basis, helped us figure out what needed to happen and when – it wasn’t overwhelming for anybody.”

Senior Marketing Manager, SBLR


“Thorpe Benefits is one of the few advisors/consultants that has been totally transparent with what we are paying for. They stand out in the industry when it comes to delivering honest value.”

Mark Ellison, President of Temspec Inc.


“Thorpe Benefits has proven that they have the resources and dedication to follow through, which is the true measurement of a successful partnership.”

Richard Edwards, Controller, Adamson Associates