Discover how you can become a Superhero in the eyes of your employees and management team at this two-day online event presented by Thorpe Benefits and supported by HR Gazette.


Date: April 7th and 8th
Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm


Presentations by guest speakers and experts on:
• Top Trends in Benefits and Wellness
• What Companies are Doing to Manage the Area of Mental Health
• Strategies for Better Communication of Benefits Plans to Employees
• A Proprietary Measurement Tool that Determines the Success of Benefits Programs
• How to Control and Understand your Group Benefits Plan Pricing

How To Register

You’re welcome to join us for one or both sessions. Register for either day and you’ll automatically be invited to join us on for the other session! Register now!

Event Agenda

Day 1: April 7th 
Session 1: Mental Health “Get Ready, Prepare your Mental Health Strategy NOW!”
Nicole Cairns (Thorpe Benefits – Wellness Director) will share how your organization can prepare and execute on an effective mental health strategy. Great advice and insight on the most difficult question of all – where to start?

Fireside Chat – In the Trenches: What’s working on the front lines of patient therapy? What are the major challenges we face?
Guest Speakers (TBA) will address the tough questions that have an impact on patient outcomes and results. Where are we headed given all the digital tools we now have available?

Session 2: Benefits Communication – “How to Sell the Value of Benefits and Create Appreciation”
Roger Thorpe (President – Thorpe Benefits) will review one of the biggest gaps in benefits – how to build better understanding, appreciation, and accountability of benefits? Roger will share how great strategy and creative tools can make a huge difference.

Fireside Chat #2 – Getting Serious about Drug Cost and Patient Outcomes: Can We Have Both?
Guest Speakers (Helen Stevenson – Reformulary and Minh-Tam Tran – Pharmacy Advocate) will share thoughts on where we are headed with drug costs and pharmacy services. How do employers and employees work towards the common goal of sustainability and patient results.

Day 2: April 8th 
Session 3: The Transparency of Rates/Premiums: How to Understand Key Cost Drivers and Negotiate a Fair Renewal
Roger Thorpe (President – Thorpe Benefits) will share the inside process on how rates are calculated and negotiated with carriers. This session is a must for anyone that wants to be more confident with the rates they pay.

Fireside Chat #3 – Understanding New Factors in Compensation and How this Fits into a Total Reward Strategy.
Guest Speaker(s) Steven Osiel (3rd Quartile) and Suzanne Harrison (Benchmarket) will tackle the tough questions that will impact your go-forward comp/benefits strategies.

Session 4: Launch of the Benefits Success Score
Roger Thorpe (President – Thorpe Benefits) will share how HR and Finance pros can use the new Benefits Success Score. A new independent tool for business advisors to measure the most important question: How do you measure the success of your benefits plan?

Final Debate Portion – Employer vs. Employee Responsibility for Healthcare and Productivity – What’s the Best Formula for Success?
Roger Thorpe, Nicole Cairns, and Tat Winnington (Consultant – Thorpe Benefits) will tie together the themes and arguments from each session and have open debate on how employers agree or disagree on their own Benefits and Wellness philosophy.


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