One of the important questions that needs to be asked of any organization is – Have you measured the success of your benefits plan?  If benefits are seen as a key reward and lever to finding and keeping employees, doesn’t it make sense that you measure your plan to see if it’s giving you the ROI that you deserve.

At Thorpe Benefits, our benefits review process is very thorough and useful for organizations that are ready to explore the opportunities to improve and upgrade their plan.  However, there needs to be an initial assessment phase first to help expose gaps or missed opportunities.

This is where The Benefits Success Score becomes useful.  Within 20 minutes of questionnaire completion, you will have your score and the ability to request a full report on where you can improve.  Should you feel like you are ready to go even further into our review process you can then start asking for help – specific to your issues and objectives.

Want to Learn More?

Just watch the short video below and it will explain how you can access The Benefits Success Score for yourself.  Or feel free to reach out to and we’ll get right back to you.