Roger Thorpe: Absence Management and Ways to Communicate Wellness Initiatives

In the new WELLNESSchat series by The HR Gazette, host Roger Thorpe kicks off by considering issues related to absence management and ways to better communicate wellness initiatives and benefits to employees.

Roger’s guest is Sandra Grafe, Manager, Disability Management Services at AGS Rehab Solutions

Sandra has been involved with disability management for the past 15 years from which her vast educational pursuits led her towards human health and wellness, completing two bachelor’s degrees in Physical Health and Education (Kinesiology) and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto and University of Western Ontario, respectively.

Sandra is a speaker at the Benefits and Wellness Superhero Symposium produced by Thorpe Benefits in partnership with HR Gazette – happening online on April 6 and 7.

Questions Include:  

  • What can be some of the effects to a business when large swathes of employees are off sick?
  • What can managers do when large numbers of employees are absent from work due to health issues at the same time?
  • How should managers tackle vague notes of absence and accommodation – requiring extended periods of time?
  • How can leadership improve corporate culture in view of lowering levels of absenteeism?
  • How can we manage an employee who takes a lot of time off, intermittently?
  • Absenteeism has skyrocketed, surpassing hefty HR budgets. Talk to me about the effects.
  • Okay so you’ve managed to get most employees back to work in safe ways but what about presenteeism?

More About Sandra Grafe

Sandra has shared her knowledge, by speaking at various conferences on managing accommodation in a unionized environment and measuring disability trends for effective preventive programs, with a focus on balancing management and employee needs for positive returns on investment.

Throughout her disability management career, Sandra has upgraded her skillset with certificates in interpersonal communication, business management, Group Benefits Associate (GBA via CEBS), Certified Disability Management Consultant (CDMP via NIDMAR) and is in the process of completing her Occupational Health and Safety certificate. She is also a certified wellness coach. Recently, she completed her Mental Health First Aid Training certification through the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Additional coursework includes project management, psychological health, PTSD, workplace accommodation, arthritis, aging populations, repetitive strain, and fostering positive workplace cultures.

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