What We Do

Thorpe Benefits is a leading boutique benefits and wellness consultancy specializing in mid-size employers. With a singular focus on group health and wellness benefits, we offer unparalleled expertise and insight to maximize the value of your organization’s benefits program.

We prioritize collaboration, wellness integration, superior customer service, cost accountability, risk management, and transparency. Our commitment to delivering results is underscored by a signed service agreement, allowing clients to measure the return on investment and rate our performance on a “success” scale.

Why Thorpe Benefits

Thorpe Benefits is committed to proactive, planned, and efficient service delivery, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive support throughout the year. Our approach is characterized by:

1. Proactive Management

We drive and manage the service experience to cover all bases and attend to success factors, empowering HR and finance leaders to serve their employees effectively and make informed recommendations to their leadership teams.

2. Strategic Planning

Unlike reactive broker models, we plan key projects and milestones well in advance, laying out reporting, meetings, and projects to measure accomplishments effectively by year-end.

3. Rapid Response

With ample resources and advanced technology, we respond swiftly to queries and issues, ensuring timely and accurate resolution without compromising on quality.

4. Accuracy and Quality Control

We provide quick responses with accurate information, backed by an internal quality control system to ensure data accuracy before delivery.

5. Effort and Anticipation

Our team goes above and beyond and anticipates future challenges, consistently interpreting queries to foresee potential issues and offer proactive solutions.

6. Transparency and ROI

We pride ourselves on transparency, disclosing fees and commissions earned against services delivered, and inviting client feedback on our performance against that investment.

Thorpe Benefits offers an active partnership with a proven track record in creating and supporting effective employee benefits processes, seamlessly integrating health promotion strategies into organizational culture.

Better Group Benefits Plans

At Thorpe Benefits, we manage group health plans with a comprehensive approach that prioritizes key areas for successful benefits and wellness programs. From establishing a tailored philosophy to crafting innovative plan designs aligned with total rewards strategies, we ensure that every aspect contributes to maximizing employee satisfaction and organizational effectiveness. Proactive communication, robust governance support, and seamless integration of employee well-being strategies underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional value while maintaining transparency and accountability through diligent budget awareness and ROI analysis.

We work closely with clients to align our services with their priorities and objectives, ensuring proactive interaction and swift resolution of any issues. Our plans are meticulously crafted based on a holistic model that incorporates core values, employee feedback and demographics, benchmarking data, budget considerations, and employee experience objectives. With Thorpe Benefits, organizations can trust in a partner dedicated to optimizing their benefits program for maximum impact and success.

The Wellness Factor

Participation. Engagement. Behavioural change. Boosted morale. These are all the desired outcomes of an effective Wellness program.

Employee wellness is not just a perk anymore; it’s a fundamental necessity for organizational success. Healthy employees are more productive, loyal, and engaged, driving long-term success. To attract and retain top talent, organizations must invest in employee health authentically and compassionately.

Changing health behaviors can be challenging, but our approach simplifies the process. We offer a comprehensive education platform, personalized coaching and consulting to the HR team, that empower clients to improve employee health effectively. With a dedicated wellness manager providing tailored support and advice, clients can trust in a program that fits seamlessly into their organization. Our wellness service comes at no extra cost, reflecting our belief that employee health MUST be a priority and an included service within the role of the benefits consultant.

How We Work

Unlike any other benefit consulting relationship, we are held accountable by an annually signed service agreement. Our fees are disclosed in real dollars and success is measured on five key impact areas: PLAN DESIGN, COMMUNICATIONS, ADMINISTRATION/GOVERNANCE, COST EFFICIENCY/TRANSPARENCY, AND EMPLOYEE HEALTH GOALS. Our clients rate us on these KPI’s so we can maintain high scores and in turn be proud of our overall Net Promotor Score. As of Q2 2024, we are achieving a score of 83.