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At Thorpe Benefits, we only concentrate on one thing – Group Benefits, a highly specialized and complex area that includes Wellness. And we are experts in our field. We do not do retirement planning, life insurance or investment counselling. We leave that to general life insurance brokers. We are senior consultants that understand Group Benefits inside out. Our customized solutions are cost-effective, incorporate Wellness and are designed to promote employee health, maintain employee loyalty, increase retention, and enhance your company’s culture and overall appeal.

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Our blogs and podcasts offer invaluable insights into group benefits and wellness, empowering individuals and organizations with practical tips and knowledge to maximize their benefit offering and ultimately foster a culture of well-being.

Receiving Full Disclosure On Group Benefits Broker Compensation

Did you know that brokers have no obligation to disclose the compensation they are receiving for the Group Benefits plan they have implemented on behalf of their clients? Unfortunately, it happens to be true. Fact is, there is no agreement in place in our industry for...

Stop Loss And Large Claim Pooling Of Insurance

Paying for prescriptions has always been a huge component of health costs. With drug costs skyrocketing and new expensive medications constantly coming into the Canadian market, what are we all going to do to keep costs under control? In our...

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