Jay Seabrook: Financial Wellbeing and Managing Money

March 25

In this podcast by Thorpe Benefits, we consider financial literacy and managing money. Roger’s guest this time is Jay Seabrook, Co-Founder of Enriched Academy.

Listen to the Podcast

Jay began teaching Financial education 20-years ago to high-school students and has been an avid investor since his early 20’s.   Jay is one of the most sought-after personal finance speakers in Canada and has been showcased on radio and television programs including Dragon’s Den.  Jay’s favorite quote is; “It’s not the material possessions you acquire during your pursuit of career and financial goals that are important; it’s who you become during the process that is truly rewarding”.

Questions Include:

  • Why is financial literacy and managing money so important right now and why do you think this might ultimately be the responsibility of the employer instead of leaving it to the employee to figure out?
  • Flashing forward to today, how do you help Corporations & Associations implement Financial Education?
  • What key personal finance metrics do you think are most important for someone to track and be aware of?
  • What work is Enriched Academy doing within the Canadian School system?
  • If there was one thing that you think Enriched Academy does best, what do you think that would be?

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