Seedwell Interview: Financial Well-Being and AI

Thorpe Thoughts Podcast with Seedwell

In this episode, Roger Thorpe talks with Matthew Tsang, Founder and CEO at Seedwell, a financial education platform.

Listen as Roger and Matthew discuss ways to use AI-powered financial wellness solutions to improve organization-wide productivity, talent retention, and candidate attraction.



About Seedwell

Seedwell was created to empower organizations globally to improve employee financial wellness through personalized benefits driving improved ecosystems where both employees and employers thrive.

It is an AI-powered financial wellness platform designed to solve the global multi-billion dollar problem of productivity loss due to employee financial stress.

Seedwell equips the global workforce with an easy-to-use app that learns about their financial situation and provides smart advice on how to allocate the income they are making, freeing employees from the necessity of becoming finance experts. Learn more: