Thorpe Benefits Client Wins Goodlife Wellness Award

Thorpebenefits client wins wellness award

We are very proud to announce that among 400 nominations across Canada John Brooks Company has won the Goodlife Fitness Health and Wellness Leadership Award for their exemplary corporate health and wellness initiatives. Since 2012, Thorpe Benefits has been designing and implementing comprehensive wellness education and activities for John Brooks Company.

The Program:

Knowing they had an aging population where 7 out of 10 employees were over 40, they wanted to do more to be proactive about their employees’ health. Four years later, we have, and continue to cover an amazing amount of ground including: nutrition, exercise, time management, communication, stress management, disease prevention, resilience and financial wellbeing.

We’ve worked to integrate wellness in to their culture. On any given day when you walk through John Brooks you will see evidence of a focus on wellbeing: 10am and 3pm fitness energy breaks, boot camp classes, healthy food alternatives at meetings, a financial wellbeing social activity or a stress management workshop… to name just some of the activities.

The Thorpe Benefits’ Philosophy:

We believe that a benefits program should do more than support people when they get sick, it should help people increase their overall physical and psychological wellbeing. We are dedicated to quality employee benefits consulting and health promotion. We believe that an effective health and wellness program needs to be comprehensive, well-planned and action based. We can help you assess your people’s needs and interests and design effective health promotion initiatives that fit your budget and time constraints.

The Results:

Quotes from Heather Collis – GM at John Brooks Company

• We’ve seen a decrease in drugs for preventable diseases, particularly diabetes and depression.
• Office morale has improved and people work better as a team.
• Company is attracting more employees.
• Staff is happier.
• Staff have increased their energy for the last two hours of the day due to energy breaks at 3pm.
• Zero increase in dollars spent on health care claims in the last four years.
• 100’s of words of appreciation from staff for the support their employer has given them.

If your company would like an assessment of what might work for your specific situation, feel free to contact our Health & Wellness Director at Thorpe Benefits – Nicole Cairns. 416-966-9229 x135