Julie Wald: Understanding Mental and Physical Health Needs of Employees – Part 1

How the Mental Health Tsunami Increased the Uptake of Corporate Wellness Services

In this episode of the Benefits and Wellness Superhero Podcast, Julie Wald joins Roger Thorpe to discuss how the mental health tsunami caused by the pandemic accelerated the adoption of wellness services.

Listen to part one of this two-part discussion as we consider if an increased focus on mental health has left some physical wellness programs lagging behind and what we can do about it. Julie also shares how her team helps clients get a better handle on the ROI of employee benefits and wellness initiatives. 

Questions in Part 1 Include:

  • study by Massachusetts General Hospital determined that, if untreated, mental health issues increase healthcare costs for affected individuals by 200%-300%. Beyond the business case of saving money on health care and absent employees – wellness can be bought as the “right thing to do” for companies. They all have the right intentions but what kind of commitment or investment is really necessary to get measurable results?
  • What has changed because of Covid?  Has the mental health tsunami accelerated the motivation and uptake of wellness services?
  • What metrics/results should we strive for and measure for real ROI?
  • Has the focus on mental health left physical health behind for the time being? Will investment in the physical well-being of employees catch up in 2022?

About Our Guest

Julie is the  Founder and CEO at Namaste Wellness, a leading Corporate Wellness Company. She is also the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, Inner Wealth: How Wellness Heals, Nurtures and Optimizes Ultra-Successful People, and was named one of 2021’s Top 100 Women Leaders in Healthcare by Women We Admire.

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