Dylan Brennan: Why Wellness Officers Can Be Your Company’s Best Resource

In the December 2021 episode of the Benefits and Wellness Superhero podcast, we consider the role of wellness officers within organizations and how some companies are making a difference to the mental and physical wellness needs of their employees during this ongoing pandemic.

Roger Thorpe‘s guest is Dylan Brennan, Manager, Health Promotion at Magna International, the mobility technology company and one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers with 347 manufacturing operations and 94 product development, engineering, and sales centers in 27 countries.

Questions Include:

  • What is it about the Magna approach that you believe is key to achieving ROI and behavior change? What are you still honing?
  • What have been the biggest challenges to the mental and physical health of Magna’s employees as a consequence of the pandemic?
  • For smaller organizations, what approach might make the most sense?
  • What advice would you give to other organizations about how wellness can impact your business outcomes?
  • Can you point to any specific policies your team has introduced since the start of the pandemic that has helped to future-proof Magna against further stresses on employee mental health? How have these measures helped to prepare the org for the current Omictron variant scare?
  • What are your predictions for how folks in similar roles to you will continue to adapt and innovate their approaches to employee wellness in the next couple of years?



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