Concierge Services: Giving Your Employees The VIP Treatment For Their Health Coverage

Group Benefits health coverage has become much more than simply submitting a claim that you receive payment/reimbursement for. Rather, it is now also about providing services that help your employees gather and use information, make decisions and ultimately, make their lives better.

That is why the concept of “concierge services” is being bantered about by many group insurance carriers and brokers.

Exactly what does “concierge services” mean?

It is a hands-on approach where an employee has one-stop, personalized access to what, and who, they need on issues pertaining to their health – without ever having to wait in a long telephone queue or being passed on to someone else with limited knowledge.

Let’s look at an example. Imagine being diagnosed with a new illness like diabetes or if an accident occurred to someone in your family. With concierge services, all you would need to do is call a designated line or contact to receive help on how to manage the situation. You would be provided with essential information on healthcare professionals, medications and possible treatments.  And would even be able to find out if you are following the right protocols or accessing the healthcare system properly. What’s more, if you required information on related subjects like nutrition and fitness, you would be referred to experts and consultants.  It all occurs within one eco-system, with information flowing freely to improve access and speed.

These are just some of the services this new personalized platform would provide.

As part of our commitment to helping our clients achieve the highest level of Group Benefits employee engagement, Thorpe Benefits will continue to monitor the evolving area of “concierge services” and let you know if and when the service is made available.