Why benefits plans are adding services that support employees through their medical journeys

In the early days, providing employee benefits was primarily about paying claims. A lot has changed since then. Now companies see the, no pun intended, benefit of helping their employees on their medical journeys. In response, a legion of new providers and support services have sprung up that help employees navigate and access what they need to find the right path to care, diagnosis and treatment. Even existing carriers have jumped on the bandwagon, bundling services like these into their health and disability offerings.

Supporting employees on their medical journeys is a win-win for all parties. Enabling them to receive early screening/detection, intervention and continuity of information and care, may help   avoid a long-term disability claim. And of course, by providing employees with this type of support you will build their loyalty, dedication and even their productivity, particularly in instances where they are having difficulty performing due to physical or mental issues. A benefit offering that includes the navigation and access services described can also help employees reduce their stress and enjoy peace of mind, because it helps them get what they need earlier in the cycle.

One cautionary note: there are many solutions out there, so it can be difficult deciding what is the best fit. This is why it is so important to have an expert like Thorpe Benefits on your side to help you compare the various platforms and assist you in determining what value they will add to your organization.